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I design everything that touches the frontend.
If you can see it, I can make it.
We bring ideas from imagination to reality

Web Development

This is my core focus. Responsive website development for a smooth user experience that insures your message gets through across all devices. Leverage the power of the internet and automate your business processes. Primarily working with HTML/CSS/Sass, Bootstrap/Tailwind, Javascript, React, Vue, BPM Tools like Appway, SAP & Service Now. Designing React and Vue applications with easily maintainable variables and components.

UI/UX Design

I make everything from user research and first handdrawn sketch, to interactive wireframes, flowcharts and information architecture maps, realistic prototypes with Invision & the final product with all assets exported in pixel perfection, ready to be implemented in Android Studio, Xcode or a website. Main tools: Figma, Sketch 3 Adobe Creative Suite, Invision, Optimizly, Hotjar, UXCAM, Lookback, Axure


A little snippet from some of my older projects - The website was not updated since 2016, please request a pdf with new high quality projects

Go Blind App v1

App - UI/UX Design

Stock11 Corporate Identity

Brand Identity - UI Design

Stock 11

UI/UX Designer - Product Configurator Application

Stock11 Website

Website - UI/UX Design & Frontend Dev

Go Blind Website

Website - UI/UX Design & Frontend Dev

Nordic Tales Website

Website - UI/UX Design & Frontend Dev

Stock11 Website v2

Website - UI/UX Design

Yippie Smoothies

Internal ordering tool

Yippie Smoothies Sketches

UI/UX Design - Sketching Process

Goblind App v2

App Design - UI/UX Design & Frontend Dev

Luzern University Project

Train Navigation App

Luzern University Train Project v2

Quick Draft


Here you see our progress through time

  • 2008-2015

    Mads Schou Design ApS
    an Agency of Webdevelopment & UI design

    Running Mads Schou Design as an Agency with 1-3 employees and clients in many different industries. Main services was Web Development & UI/UX Design

  • 2011-2013

    Nordic Tales ApS
    - Skandinavian Design Tradition

    Running the Agency on parttime to work with bigger team at Nordic Tales, working in closely knit team to develop graphical identity, website design, packaging design and designing a B&B order managment system

  • 2014-2016

    Rosarioo AG
    with daugter company
    STOCK 11 - Das Mass Atalier

    Developing a modern tailoring business in a team with big diversty. Making online and offline ordering systems and automation. Creating capturing graphics for online use, acquiring new markets via online marketing and developing product configurators to improve online shopping experience

  • July 2014-2016

    Goblind GmbH

    A social media platform with the goal to revolutionize the way we use the internet to socialize. Developing pixel-perfect UI for iOS and Android application with extensive prototyping with Invision. Daily comminication with development team leading the development of the product user experience. The product is currently at it's 3. redesign and soon going into public testing

  • 2016-2018

    Netstream AG

    - Design interface, experience and develop web-TV applications across multiple platforms. (Mobile/Tablet/Desktop/TV) - Maintain core product and unique client products. - Support marketing, operations and management with designs and web development. Sketch, CSS, Javascript, Angular, React, React Native, iOS, Android, Microservices.

  • July 2018-2020

    Credit Suisse

    Leading development of UI/UX across 14 scrum-teams within one of the biggest Digital Transformation projects in Switzerland. I work on online banking, wealth management, client onboarding and internal processes of branches. Improving user acquisition/retention rates. Following design-thinking methodologies to implement feedback from UX research reports and analytics made in collaboration with our UX-lab. OOP, Appway, Javascript, CSS, Java, Scripting.

  • 2020-2021

    Migros Online

    Delivering high quality and exceptional digital experiences with data-driven approach using user tests to optimize the customer experience. Typography, colour, form and movement, the use of design patterns, best practices and using guidelines for Web, Android & iOS with state-of-the-art UX methods. Topics: Figma, UX, Design, Product Design, Frontend Development, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

  • 2021-2022


    At Swisscom Data, Analytics & AI. I worked on a platform that enables Engineers or the public to ingest, process and reuse Swisscom Data. I Support Swisscom in their vision to become a fully data-driven company with their slogan “Data beats opinion”. I lead the redesign of the internal & external data-lake platform. Building prototypes in Figma. Creating UX research surveys. Coding components in Vue.js. Topics: Javascript, CSS, Vue.js, UX Design, Figma, Sketch, Datalake, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Ai.

  • 2022-2023

    Constructor Academy

    Managing curriculum and ensuring student project evolution. Keywords: Figma, UX, Design, Product Design, Frontend Development, HTML, CSS, Javascript. Highlight: Supported 8 portfolio projects from empathizing with the user to a tested solution.

  • 2022-2023


    Designing an internal crypto/NFT wallet and integrating a store in a new social feed with a Unity-based configurator and web blog. Keywords: Figma, UX, Design, Product Design, Frontend Development, HTML, CSS, Javascript. Highlight: Built social mechanics similar to competitors like Snapchat, Meta & Tiktok.

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About me

Hello, my name is Mads Schou


Mads Schou

Developer & UX/UI Designer


I’m 30 year old Danish guy that has been working with User Experience, Graphic Design, Webdevelopment & Media for the biggest part of my professional life. I’m very passionate about making outstanding visuals that can catch the consumer’s attention, encourages to action and send happy user in the right direction. I enjoy traveling for inspiration and meet new people hoping to learn something new. I have a very positive attitude towards work and are not afraid of getting some results on the table. I hope you will give me a chance to show my skills, and hopefully we will make a great product and have a long-lasting relationship.. I hope you will find interest in my website and we can start working together. I have both experience working with start-ups and big corporations.

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